Parallel Planetary Protectors (P3)

Do: Protect the Planet from Incoming Asteroids.

How: [Left/Right] to Rotate Ships, [Tap] to skip the Splash/High Score Screen or toggle  Music (icon on lower right).

  • Touch the L/R sides of the screen to Rotate if no Keyboard.
  • Difficulty increases with Wave progression.


"Comrades Always" composed by Eric Matyas @

"Pixel Inversions" font by JackOatley

Install instructions

No special permissions required.


PlanetaryProtectors.apk 14 MB
Download 4 MB

Development log


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Nice fun little game. I think that the rotating pixels are not quite legal in a 64x64 sense, though ;)

So old school. Love it!

This is both entertaining and relaxing. This is most certainly not going to help me get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. :)