Breakout Clone made with AGK. Last Update: 03.05.20

Left/Right to Move; Ball is guided if the Paddle is struck while it's moving.

Points Reduced if Ball hits the Bottom; Added if last deflected by the Paddle.

Max Velocity increases with each new Level (currently no cap; HTML version may limit Box2D response).  You'll notice the change around Level 5/6. Let me know at which Level it becomes TOO ridiculous?

Space Backgrounds generated using assets found here.

Bubble Shader found on the TGC Forums.

Known Issues:

  • Ball can get "stuck" in a pattern. I've got code in to prevent it (if it hits 3 walls in a row, it should spin itself out), but it's not fool-proof, yet. 
  • Changes to Sound Instance Rates don't appear to be working in HTML version. If you don't already have the volume turned down, you will :)

Thanks for trying G-Breaker. I do have plans to flesh it out some, and will be more prone to do so based upon feedback.


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